11 October 2012

The Letter "J"

The letter theme continues at preschool.  This weeks theme is the letter "J".  It is also Friday so we will continue with the leftover on Friday theme.  J is another tricky letter.  I thought of jalapeno (definitely not for a preschool lunch), jelly (my daughter refuses to eat it :-/), jello, jicama, jr. mints, juice and the big brain storm of jambalaya!  Well, I am not going to lie I made jambalaya earlier in the week for the sole purpose of being able to use it for the letter "J" lunch. 

Snack Cup:  Strawberry and banana Jello with a jicama "J"

Top Left:  Yellow cherry tomatoes and a jicama "J"

Top Right:  Grapes and a couple of jr. mints.

Bottom:  Leftover jambalaya with jicama "jambalaya" on top.

The jambalaya turned out really yummy.  It was just spicy enough without being too spicy for the kids.  I did cheat a little.  I used the Zatarain's jambalaya rice mix with spices.  I added 1/2 lb. of uncooked unshelled shrimp, bell peppers, mushrooms, and one andouille sausage.  Really simple directions.  Dump all above ingredients in a pot of water after it is boiling.  Let boil for 10 min then reduce heat to medium and let simmer an additional 15-20 min. 

What I used to make this bento.

Deli club bento box.  Marukai. $$$$

Puppy side cup.  Dollar Tree. $

Green silicone cup (pink used in bento).  Daiso Japan. $

Letter fondant cutters.  Michaels.  $$$$

Pairing knife.

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