15 October 2012

Primary Colors

Today's bento inspiration came from a new bento box that I received. (thanks again Auntie Gina for feeding my bento addiction :-)  My new bento umm, my daughter's new bento box is covered with pretty bright colored flowers.  Therefore, the theme today is colors. 

Top Box:  In the blue section (this one was a stretch) we have a ham and blue corn tortilla sandwich.  Yellow section are yellow cherry tomatoes. Orange sections are orange pepper rings.

Bottom Box:  In the red sections we have cherry tomatoes, and pomegranate.  Purple section there are grapes.  Green section are cucumber leaves and green olives.

This bento theme came together with the use of my fun bilingual crayon food picks.  I love these!  And for whatever reason kids think it is way more fun to eat food when it is on a pick.

What I used to make this bento.

Flower bento box. (isn't fun & bright).  Home Goods. $$$

Crayon cupcake picks.  Cake shop.  $

Leaf mini cutter.  (Halloween set).  Amazon.  $$$

Mini heart silicone cup. (set of 20 different shapes) Kitchen Collection. $$

Bow silicone cups.  Marukai.  $

Green silicone cup (pink in photo above)  Daiso Japan. $

Same or similar items found here:

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