18 October 2012

More Halloween - Cat & Ghost

I had intended on doing my letter K lunch tonight.  My daughter, however, had other plans.  For some reason I opened pinterest when she was sitting beside me and started looking through some of the Halloween lunches from the blog hop.  When my daughter saw them she insisted that she should have a ghost lunch tomorrow.  Hmmm, well I only have one small ghost cookie cutter so I added the spooked cat (since she likes cats so much).  Hopefully this will satisfy her!

Left:  Blue corn tortilla and ham sandwich with carrot details,  pomegranate,  carrot "boo".

Top Right:  Black olives and jacolantern clementine.

Bottom Right:  Ghost cucumbers and yellow cherry tomatoes.

What I used to make this bento.
Flower bento box. Marukai. $$$$

Blue silicone cup.  Kitchen Collection. $$

Plastic deco cutter.  Allthingsforsale.com  $$

Cupcake stencil.  Amazon. $$

Letter fondant cutters.  Michaels. $$$$

Ghost mini cookie cutter.  Amazon. $$$

Spooky cat cookie cutter. Sur La Table. $

Same or similar items foun here:

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