14 October 2012

Fall Bento By My Preschooler

Another meatless Monday!  We are on a roll :-)  Bento lunches are so fun and easy even a 3 year old can do it!  My daughter has been happily joining me in the kitchen to get in on the fun of making bento lunches.  She will be a pro soon.  For this lunch my daughter picked out the lunchbox, the shapes, the cup colors, and the picks she wanted to use.  All I did was the menu and the bento arrangement.  Here is lunch by my 3 year old.

There she is working hard.  She loves to do the cookie cutters and the punches!  Watch out, there may be some stray hair in this lunch!

Top Box:  Banana, peanut butter, and honey pin wheels.  Pumpkin shaped cucumbers.  Green and red grapes and green and black olives.

Bottom Box:  More of the same!  Banana pinwheels, witch hat shaped cucumbers, grapes, and olives.

Side Dish:  Watermelon chunks.

I got the idea for the banana, peanut butter, honey pinwheels here.

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What I she used to make this bento.

Bear bento box.  Tokyo Discount. $

Puppy side cup.  Dollar Tree. $

Craft leaf punch.  Tuesday Morning. $$ (work great with carrot sliced with peeler)

Silicone cups.  Kitchen Collection. $$

Mini Halloween cookie cutters.  Amazon.  $$$

Plant/people picks.  Ichiban Kan. $

Sweet treats/animal picks.  Ichiban Kan.  $ (both sets of picks are 2 in one, they look like one thing from the top and yet another from the side).

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