18 September 2012

The Letter "G"

So, I just realized Friday that preschool has been going through the letters of the alphabet every week.  If this would have dawned on me earlier I would have started the letter theme much sooner!  We are going to jump right in today and join the class with the letter "G".

Top Box:  Green beans with garlic, ginger snap cookies, green grapes, and Gouda babybel cheese with the letter "G" cut out.

Bottom box:  Green olives, green grapes, goldfish, and grilled steak (this one is a stretch to make it fit with the "G" theme)

Pictured below:  I had to show that she will also be taking red Gatorade for her drink!

**Don't forget about the talk like a pirate day blog hop on Wednesday.  Follow the hop and collect the clues for your chance to win the treasure**

What I used to make this bento.

Green tiffin box.  Cost Plus World Market. $$$

Letter G fondant cutter.  Michaels. (set of all letters and numbers) $$$$

Silicone cups.  Bow, corner, & pink.  Daiso Japan. $

Green silicone cup.  Cost Plus World Market.  $

Green animal cup. (orange one pictured).  Marukai. $

Same or similar items found here.

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