07 September 2012

The County Fair: The Food

Welcome back to leftovers on Friday.  Today is the last day in the county fair series. The number one reason why I like to go to the fair is to eat all that not good for you food.

 I finally conformed to the bento bloggers use of fancy paper under the lunch for photographing.  It does seem to make a difference even though I tried to convince myself otherwise;)-

Top Box:  Sweet potato waffle fries (leftover from dinner)as "funnel cake".  They were baked and not fried.  I did sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and cinnamon for aesthetic purposes.  Mini veggie corn dogs,  roasted corn.

Bottom Box:  Popcorn,  pretzels, cashews,  ice cream cone (graham cracker with melted chocolate chips on top) on a bed of toasted coconut.

What I used to make this lunch.

Polka dot 2 tier bento.  Discount Tokyo. $

Silicone cups:  Heart shape.  Daiso Japan $
                        Yellow.  Kitchen Collection. $$
                        Green (pink pictured)  Daiso Japan. $
                        Orange oval.  Daiso Japan. $

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