05 September 2012

The County Fair: The Animals

This lunch is based on the animals that we saw at the fair this past weekend.  We saw llama, horses, cows, pigs, ducks, geese, chicken, and bunnies.  My kids just love animals.  They were especially excited to be able to touch and hold the bunny that was out on display.

This lunch is a build your own sandwich with the animal shaped ingredients.

Top Box:  salami bunnies, olives, shelled sugar snap peas, tortilla cows, grapes, and duck cheese.

Bottom Box;  Graham crackers with llama shaped laughing cow cheese, craisins, yellow sweet pepper turkey, apple sauce in pig cup (the pink colored apple sauce is suppose to also be in the shape of a pig.  It did not turn out perfectly, but not to bad for the first try.  This was a method I saw on anotherlunch.com).

What I used to make this bento lunch.

Lock & Lock bento box.  Marukai. $$$$

Silicone cups.  Blue.  Kitchen collection $
                        Green Cost Plus World Market. $ 

Cookie cutters.  Kitchen Collection. $$

Food coloring.  Albertsons. $$

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