28 September 2012


It is getting super close to October.  When I think of October I think of Halloween.  Since Halloween is coming up, I have been searching for spider silicone cups  and I finally found them in my town this week (BTW I found them at Ross).  I have kept them secretly hidden, so my daughter has no idea I have them.  I am tempted to sneak in to preschool at lunch time to see what she does when she opens this lunch.  EEKKKK, I am such a mean Mama!

And YES, we will continue with the leftovers on Friday theme :-)

Top Box:  Leftover cheeseburger with spider shape cut out,  red and green grapes, honeydew and watermelon in the spider cup with raisin eyes.

Bottom Box:  Yellow cherry tomatoes, black cherry Chobani yogurt in the spider cup with candy eyes, green and black olives, and cucumber spiders.

What I used to make this.

Bento Box.  Chinatown Las Vegas. $$$

Spider silicon cups. (set of 6) Ross. $$

Spider cookie cutter.  Sur La Table. $

Same or similar items found here:
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  1. Fridays bento looks just darling!!!love it! Lucky little daughter enjoying a happy day surprise every day!!!! From italy

  2. they're all so cute! and delicious looking
    but how do you get the items to stay in place in a kids backpack/lunchbox/etc.?


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