03 September 2012


This weeks theme at bento blog network is back to school.  I made a little "preschool" lunch.  This is actually not that easy of a theme.  There are only so many things that you think of when you think of school, so in turn, I think some of the bentos will have a lot in common.  When we were at the grocery store my daughter decided she would try cheese again.  This is the first time I have gotten to use the cookie cutter on babybel cheese trick. We will see if she actually eats the cheese or saves it for little brother to eat. This is what I came up with.

Top Box:  Cheddar cheese buses, black olives, babybel cheese, apple, scrabble cheez-its, star salami.

Bottom Box:  Tortilla, banana, and cocoa almond butter sandwich as the preschool paper, red sweet pepper A+, and  pineapple gold star.

What I used to make this.

Bento box.  China town Las Vegas. $$$

Ruler. $

Silicone cups pink & green.  Cost Plus World Market. $

Silicone cups star and yellow.  Kitchen Collection.  $$

Bus sandwich cutter.  Allthingsforsale.com  $$

Plastic star cutter.  Daiso Japan. $

Foodoodler food markers.  Sur La Table. $$

Letter cutters.  Michael's.  $$$$

Mini apple cutter.  Sur La Table. $

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  1. Excellent Bento...I really like your helpful format too! Great Job ^.^

  2. Wow! Love the idea of how you prepare preschool lunch. It is really creative. Thanks for sharing. I will try this for my kids. I am sure that they will enjoy their lunch.

  3. @Collin
    I hope your kids enjoy their lunches :-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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