11 September 2012


Ughh!  So after looking through my fridge it appears that I really need to go to the grocery store.  Grocery shopping will be first to do on my list tomorrow.  Here is a bento with what I found tucked away in the back of my fridge!

I used a clear container today and i find it funny that the food appears to just be lying there!

Today we have:  Blue corn tortilla umbrellas, plum penguins with carrot accents (left one has white rice eyes and right one has macaroni eyes).  Right penguin has cheese heart on his tummy.  Sugar snap pea grass.  Cheese stick penguins on the bottom.  Background is fried rice.

What I used to make this bento lunch.

Cat and the hat container.  Target. $

Plastic cutters. Daiso Japan. $

Umbrella cookie cutter.  Sur La Table. $

Penguin wiener cutter.  Allthingsforsale.com $$

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  1. From you use of rice and pasta for eyes and an umbrella with penguins - so creative!


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