13 September 2012

Kiss the Frog

Today's bento was inspired by my daughters pajamas!  Frogs kept on coming up tonight.  There were frogs on her pjs, frogs in the bedtime story, and even on the tv show my husband was watching (they were talking about eating frog legs though!).

Top Box:  Frog sandwich made from turkey, tortilla, and pesto on top.  He has mozzarella eye balls with black olive pupils.  His crown is a tortilla with peanut butter and yellow sugar crystals (to give it a little bling!)  The frog prince is sitting on top of sugar snap peas and grapes.  Also if you look really closely you can see the "fly" raisins (i cut little wings in them).  After all, a prince has got to eat!

Bottom Box:  Cucumber lily pads with strawberry and raspberry flowers.

What I used to make this bento.

Green Tiffin Box.  Cost Plus World Market. $$$

Cut off Motrin syringe.  Free

Colored plastic cutters.  Daiso Japan. $

Frog cookie cutters.  Sur La Table. $

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