30 September 2012

A Meatless Monday with Bats

Happy Monday.  I was not going to participate in the Bento Blog Network theme of "vegan" this week.  However, my friend Sarah from bentoriffic posted a fun little banner add (see below picture) on facebook for a website  called Meatless Monday and it totally changed my mind.  I decided to play (aka enter) anyway.  Typically my family is sooo not vegan, but it can't hurt just this once or maybe every Monday!  We will see....

Top Box:  Applesauce in a pumpkin cup with cinnamon sprinkled on in the shape of bats (granted this did not turn out exceptionally),  yellow cherry tomatoes,  crackers with a *bat stamped on the top cracker, black olives, peanut butter in a bat head shaped cut with raisin accents (secretly it is really a cat head cup but for today its a bat).

Bottom Box:  Bat shaped honeydew, orange bell pepper bats, carrot bats, and more yellow cherry tomatoes.

**I found foam Halloween stamps at the Dollar Tree and I hoped that I could just color on them with the food dye markers and stamp on food, worked like a charm!**

Linking up at Bento Blog Network.
Bento Blog Network
Voting starts on Wednesday 10/3.
FYI - I do really enjoy the Halloween season and have many Halloween bentos planned.  I will be doing at least one per week the whole month of October.  The week of Halloween there will be one every day.

What I used to make this bento.

Polka dot bento box.  Tokyo Discount.  $  (this box has been dressed up for the season with my new pumking belt.  Daiso Japan. $)  Thanks Auntie Gina :-)

Pumpkin silicone cups.  Hobby Lobby. (set of 6)  $$

Bat cookie cutter (Large).  Seasoned Kitchen. $

Bat cutter (mini).  Amazon.

Japanese vegetable cutter (some kind of leaf...bamboo maybe, but looks like a bat)  Allthingsforsale.com (set of 6) $$$

Foodoodler markers.  Sur La Table. $$

Halloween cupcake stencils.  Amazon.

Cat head shaped cup (or bat).  Daiso Japan. $

Bat stamp (set of 8 Halloween foam stamps)  Dollar Tree. $

Orange dot picks.  Daiso Japan. $  (thanks again to Auntie Gina)

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