05 August 2012

Yeehaw! Preschool starts tomorrow.

Well, I finally took the time to start this bento blog.  I started this blog to share my new found hobby of bento making.  I consider this form of lunch making pretty close to scrap booking except you use food!  Currently I am at the gym on a stationary bike just to find the time to finally start this blog.  I had full intentions of just dropping the kids off at the kid's club and sit by the pool, but alas my conscience would not let me!  So here I am typing away on the exercise bike!

I discovered bentos by way of the google search engine in an effort to figure out what it is that you pack in a lunch for a preschooler.  This was prompted by enrolling my daughter in preschool day camp for periodic weeks throughout the summer.  I just could not imagine a preschooler eating a sandwich.  All I saw in my head were many wasted pieces of bread in the garbage.  After googling preschool lunches "the bento box" popped up,  I thought how cute and yummy.  Thus, my new hobby was started in June.  I will be posting some "catch up" bentos from this summer later.  Today we will start in current time with the first day of preschool bento which I call yeehaw.

In the top box:  hummus in a star shaped silicone cup, cowboy hat pita bread, oval silicone cup with mango spurs, pretzel sticks, and olives for filling the empty spaces.  A side note here..olives are a constant staple in most of my bentos, my daughter loves them.

Bottom box:  sushi rice horse with carrot accents and olive cowboy with salami hat, mini star silicone cup with black beans,  bell pepper cowboy boots with carrot spurs, oval silicone cup with blueberries,  red bell pepper yeehaw, and carrots cut up for grass.

I have read quite a few other bento blogs since I started doing bentos and my first thoughts are what are and where did you get the items that they used.  As part of my blog I am going to share the secret tools and where I bought them.  I will use a code scale for the pricing.

$     =  $1-$3

$$   = $4-$6

$$$  = $7-$12

$$$$= $12-$20

$!     = >$20

What I used to make this bento:

The bento box I found at a shop in china town Las Vegas.  $$$

Mango cutter (mangoes are one of my daughters favorites) to get the seed out of those things without chopping off your finger (this was a splurge, but I thought it was worth the investment to not cut my fingers!)  Sur La Table $$$$

Fondant letter and number cutters.  Michael's  $$$$ (yeah, i know, but it is all the letters and numbers!)

Regular size cookie cutters.  Sur La Table and Kitchen Collection $

Japanese vegetable cutter.  The hat on the olive cowboy. Set of 6 different shapes  allthingsforsale.com  $$$

Star silicone cup and medium oval silicone cup.  Daiso Japan $

Mini oval and star silicone cup.  Set of 20 in assorted shapes.  Kitchen Collection  $$

Small plastic deco cutters.  These come in a set of 9.  Dasio Japan $

Paper cowboy boot template.  This was just my ingenuity as i did not have a cowboy boot cookie cutter.  Free

Often, the inspiration for the bento box theme is what takes the longest.  This theme was inspired by my former co-worker Nurse Coleman who was a rancher.

All packed and ready to go in her lunchbox.  This is just to give you an idea of the size of the bento box.

Same or similar items found here:

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