08 August 2012

Shout-Out to the Olympics

Today's bento is in honor of the 2012 summer Olympics going on now.  I wanted to do an Olympic themed bento before the Olympics closing ceremony.  Other than an Olympics theme, I had no clear direction of what to do,  and let me tell you I struggled with this one!  I looked up other Olympic bento boxes online for inspiration.  There were lots of torches, Olympic rings, British flags, and swimming ones.  I wanted to do something different.  After quite some deliberation, this is what I came up with.  Can you guess what sport this is?

Top Box:  bed of pears and ranier cherries with Olympic rings accents.  Blue ring is cucumber with blueberries cut and laid on top, yellow ring is yellow bell pepper, black ring is cucumber with cut black olives laid on top (not a chance these will still be perfectly laid on the cucumber by lunch time!  But they look nice for the photo :-),  green ring is made from cucumber, and lastly the red ring is red bell pepper.

Prepare to find out what sport this is.....

Bottom Box:  top compartment:  background of club crackers and turkey slices.  Accents are cucumber torch base and carrot flames, red bell pepper USA, a cheese diving board (the big hint!), and blue licorice for the water and splash (I looked in all of my cupboards for something blue and edible and all I found was a pack of rainbow twizzlers).
lower compartment:  apple sauce with blue food coloring and a yellow licorice diver.

There is a lot of food in this bento box even for my daughter.  I am expecting a good amount of leftovers to return home today.

What I used to make this.

Clic-tite box.  Marshalls $$

Apple cutter (pear cutter in this case). 99 cents store $

Small plastic deco cutters.  Daiso japan $

Fondant letter cutters.  Michaels $$$

Pairing knife

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