20 August 2012

Monkey Monday

Today is monkey Monday...another theme courtesy of Auntie Gina.  It has been a very long weekend for me.  My kids have gone off the rocker or something!  So I say thank goodness it is Monday :-)  Happy Monday everyone.

This is another stolen idea by the way.  I had seen a bento with a little monkey swinging in the tree while searching for bento ideas a while ago.  I knew I had that cookie cutter and tucked the bento idea in the back of my head.  Thank you to bentoriffic.wordpress.com!

Top Box:  Monkey sandwich with peanut butter and multi grain pita bread. (she is refusing to eat jelly now too), brocolette tree, and baby carrots.

Monkey cup:  Blue berry blast jello

Bottom Box:  Peaches shaped like bananas, pretzels with brocolette on top, blueberries, and bananas and peanut butter sandwiched together to try and make a cluster of bananas for the monkey to eat!

What I used to make this.

Polka dot bento box.  Discount Tokyo. $

Monkey cup.  From a dollar store...can't recall the name. $

Plastic moon (banana) cutters. Daiso Japan. $

Bear (monkey) silicone cup.  Discount Tokyo. $

Large silicone cup.  Daiso Japan. $

Monkey cookie cutter.  Sur La Table. $
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  1. Love the Monkey (think you know why)!! Made me smile when I saw him/her hanging from the tree.


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