31 August 2012

Leftovers on Friday: Butterflies

I am feeling creative again tonight!  We had farfalle (bow tie) pasta the other night and my daughter likes to think that it is butterfly pasta.  Of course since it is Friday I need to use leftovers, therefore, it is an automatic butterfly theme.  Have a safe and happy Labor day weekend!

Top Box:  Butterfly pasta, black olives behind the butterfly baran, sesame cashews (they look like butterflies if you lie them next to each other just right).  cucumbers, and grapes

Bottom Box:  Butterfly shaped banana bread, craisins, ham,  pirate booty (also looks like butterfly when put side by side), red sweet pepper, blueberries, coconut, and cucumber.  **This was the big creative moment tonight.  I took one of the cucumbers that i had punched out the butterfly shape from and filled the cut out with blueberries and used the red pepper to sprinkle around it.**

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Bento Lunch

What I used to make this bento.

Panda Bento Box.  Discount Tokyo.  $$$$

Silicone Baran.  Pictured is green leaf but used pink flower and yellow butterfly in bento.  allthingsforsale.com. $$

Flower picks.  Daiso Japan. $

Silicone cups.  Daiso Japan. $

Plastic butterfly cutters.  Daiso Japan. $

Heart cookie cutter.  Kitchen Collection. $

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