12 August 2012

It's Shark Week

It is shark week on Discovery channel this week.  So to celebrate we must have a shark theme bento. This was a quick and easy lunch to make.  The jello prep did take some time but I did that earlier today because the jello was my "big vision".

Left Box:  Ham boats, yellow sweet peppers, blueberries, pita bread sharks.

Right Box: Sea of cilantro hummus, shark fin (logos of shark week). Pita bread.
  >I took I side shot of the shark fins so you can see them better.  See below.
Bottom Box:  Blue berry blast jello and a pear shark swimming in there.  Turned out pretty cool.  I just wish the shark had not floated off center.

What I used to make this.

Pink bento box. Daiso Japan. $

Small square box.  Allthingsforsale.com $

Assorted silicone cups.  Daiso Japan. $

Boat mini cookie cutter. Daiso Japan. $

Shark copper cookie cutter. This was a set of 3 marine animals.  Kitchen Connection $$

Shark fin template that I made.

Kitchen scissors.

Misc.  Info:

I have been experimenting with different blog templates this weekend.  I finally tweaked this one to a layout that I like.  However, you will probably see the design change a few times over the next few weeks as I self- teach, by way of google, how to edit the different templates. 

Same or similar itmes found here:

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  1. Wonderful theme! I love the pear shark box!


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