07 August 2012

Goldilocks and the.....5 bears?!

Tuesday's lunch is my own rendition of Goldilocks.  If you count the bear cups then we ended up with five bears.  Oops, I got a little carried away, but you get the point, right?

Top box:  sushi rice bear with cheese and raisin accents, mandarin oranges, and pink cup with hard boiled bear egg.

Bottom Box:  blue bear silicone cup with cucumber houses,  green silicone cup with grapes, yellow plastic bear cup with Rainer cherries, turkey Goldilocks with yellow bell pepper hair (she is sporting a Jersey hairdo), and olives on a green bear pick.

What I used to make this.

Top tier of the black polka dot bento. (This is a stacking bento but opted to just use the top because i needed to use something wider for Goldilocks to fit in.)  Tokyo Discount in Las Vegas $

Blow pop circle container.  99 cent store $

Bear egg mold.  Tokyo Discount $

Bear rice mold.  Tokyo Discount $ (not pictured)

Silicone flower cup and green cup. Cost Plus World Market $

Blue bear and yellow bear (not in photo) cup.  Daiso Japan $

Small plastic deco cutters.  Daiso Japan $

People fondant cutter set.  Allthingsforsale.com $$

Green bear pick.  Dollar tree $

Photo of preschool lunch leftovers.

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