16 August 2012

Butterfly Bento

For today's lunch we have beautiful butterflies....

For some reason the bread ripped today while I was using the sandwich cutter.  I have used this cutter before and I have never had this problem.  I guess there was just too much peanut butter in this sandwich!  This lunch was inspired by a pottery barn kids add lunch.  So, basically I knocked off their sandwich (see photo below).  I opted to not use cheese because my kiddo is going through a "i don't like cheese" phase.

Top Box:  Peanut butter and bananas on roman meal bread, red bell pepper center, grape tulips with snap pea leaves, ham butterflies with red bell pepper hears.

Side Dish:  Watermelon and blueberries.

Bottom Box:  Cinnamon graham crackers with banana butterflies, sugar snap peas, blueberries, olives, and baby carrots.

What I used to make this.

Deer bento box.  Discount Tokyo. $

Strawberry bento box.  Daiso Japan. $

Butterfly sandwich cutter.  Dollar Tree. $

Mini heart silicone cup. Set of 20. Kitchen Collection. $$

Plastic deco cutters.  Daison Japan. $

Bow silicone cup.  Marukai. $

Lady bug cup.  Dollar tree. $
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