08 August 2012

Bentos from Tuesdays Past

As I mentioned previously I started making bentos for preschool camp this summer.  My daughter attended three random weeks and today, since it is Tuesday, we will look at her past Tuesday lunches.  I live in a very small town and there are not a lot of bento supplies.  Keep in mind that these are the first ones that I made and they were made with a limited number of supplies. 

Also, the first Tuesday lunch photo was taken with my phone and is not that great....my apologies!

Top Box:  string cheese, ham, and tortilla roll up.  This was secured with a spaghetti noodle.  olives in the green cup

Bottom Box:  pretzel sticks, baby carrot sticks, and craisins

Side dish:  green grapes.

What I used to make this.

Tiffin box.  Cost Plus World Market $$$

Green silicone cups.  Cost Plus World Market.  set of 12 $

Frog side dish bowl.  Cost Plus World Market.  $$

Tuesday #2

This is another very basic bento.  Used with exactly the same supplies as the last one.

Top Box:  Salami in pink flower silicone cup, club crackers, and Canadian bacon in the green cup

Bottom Box:  black olives, baby carrots, snow peas.

Side dish:  green grapes and raspberries

What I used to make this.

The only different item - pink flower cup.  Cost Plus World Market.  Set of 6. $
Different color tiffin box and butterfly bowl instead of frog bowl.

Thank goodness there is a Cost Plus World Market in my town!

Tuesday # 3

By the time this Tuesday rolled around, I had been able to go on a grown up getaway to Las Vegas.  While I was there I was finally able to go to some Japanese stores and do some real  bento shopping...hurray.  Also, I had seen Lego boxes used on a blog I follow (anotherlunch.com) and read they were from the container store.  After a quick phone call, I had secured these puppies by way of my awesome mom-in-law!  She happens to live very close to a newly opened container store.  What luck!

Big Lego:  club crackers with cheese sticks circles(to make it look like a lego).  Puzzle piece ham, sweet rice triangle and star, lego candy in oval cup, black olives on a lego pick, strawberries, ranier cherries, red grapes, and raspberries on lego picks.  flower cucumbers with carrot flower accent.

Small Lego:  peach jello

What I used to make this.

Large Lego box.  The Container Store.  $$$$

Small Lego boxes (yellow and i used only the bottom half of the red one).  The Container store. $$

Shapes rice mold.  Discount Tokyo-LasVegas.  $

Joie flower cutter.  Home Goods.  $$

Mini oval silicone cup.  Kitchen Collection.  set of 20 various shapes.  $$

Japanese vegetable cutter.  Came in a set of 6.  Allthingsforsale.com  $$$

Puzzle piece - stolen out of my daughter's puzzle = free! *note:  there are puzzle sandwich cutters that exist.  They are available from lunch punch.  They cost $12-$15 depending on where you find them.  This is a set of 4 different puzzle sandwich cutters.  I opted to just go the cheaper route and cut around a puzzle piece.

Lego picks.  This was also another stolen idea from anotherlunch.com blog.  These are homemade picks that are made from small one block legos glued on to the matching color picks that I found at Dollar Tree (see below) $

Same or similar items found here:
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