26 August 2012


On Saturday my little family finally got to go and check out Bearizona.  It is a pretty cool place.  The first part your drive through in your car and the second part is like a mini zoo.  There are many, many black bears there.  To commemorate this little visit we must have a Monday Bearizona bento and keep the fun going!

Top  Box:  Blueberries in a bear head cup,  bear shaped cucumbers in square cup with bear peeking over the side,  sushi rice made with soy sauce to add color and olive decorations, sliced black olives,  pretzels, and carrot bearizona.

Bottom Box:  Bear shaped homemade banana bread,  whole grain goldfish crackers, and bear shaped ham.

A couple photos of the bears we saw.
This one crossed in front of our car.
Here are some of the baby bear cubs.

What I used to make this bento.

Bear bento box. Discount Tokyo. $

Bear cookie cutter.  Seasoned Kitchen. $

Yellow silicone cup.  Daiso Japan. $

Blue bear shaped cup. (pink cat cup pictured) set of 3.  Discount Tokyo. $

Letter cutters.  Michael's. $$$

Bear rice mold.  Discount Tokyo. $

Bear sandwich cutter.  Marukai. $

Yellow square cup with peeking bear. (orange one pictured).  Daiso Japan. $

Plastic deco cutters.  Daiso Japan. $

Small bear cutter.  Wilton's Noah's Ark mini cookie cutter set.  Amazon. $$

Same or similar items sold here:

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  1. Wow looks like a lot of fun! Personally, I would much rather come across your bearizona bento then the black bears!!

  2. So awesome! I especially like your rice bear.

  3. @Gina

    Just testing my new reply option to see if it is working!


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